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Guantanimo Bay And This May Be A Coincidence, But…

Last week The White House announced that it would start taking letters to the President sent via Facebook. On a lark I shot something off. Thanking the President for being an adult in a nation full of bickering children, but centered my letter on one bothersome subject  that frustrates me: Guantanimo Bay. The fact that there are still prisoners accused of no crime living there after 13 years. In part, I wrote:

I did not expect a response, but only 5 days later I received this letter from The White House:

Maybe it was a boiler plate form letter but it still felt personal considering the note I had sent. 

But then only hours later I saw this news item:

Maybe it is an extreme coincidence. But I haven’t heard much about Guantanimo Bay in years, and with a furious election being fought, it does seem like unusual timing for the President to reopen this issue. 

Am I saying I single-handedly put this issue back on the map? Possibly. Do I think Barack and I are joining forces for justice on this issue? It’s likely. I will be monitoring speeches for mention of my name. Or perhaps Barack will just call it the “Obama-Schapiro Initiative.”

More as this story develops. 


Never let anything slow you down. 
Except a parachute. 

A Conversation With A Liberal Who Wants to Vote For Jill Stein instead of  Hillary Clinton

Me – I’m gonna do a lot of drugs. Drugs feel good. 

You – You can’t do a lot of drugs. You’re pregnant.

Me – Well I can’t bear the thought of having an abortion. And I hate the idea of having a baby. So I’m gonna do a lot of drugs. 

You – But that means you’re killing the baby. 

Me – Drugs feel good. I’m not doing it to kill the baby so it’s all cool.  Jeez what aren’t you getting?


Jewel Thieves

As many of you know I have spent years on the trail of the two jewel thieves known simply as “The Jaguars” (mostly because “The Jackal” was taken by every jewel thief ever. 

A recent tip brought them super close to capture, as seen in this recently obtained video:

Having come so close to capture Intel reports that they are off to Europe to continue their thieving across the continent. I am hot on their tail and will not rest until they are captured. 

I am watching their progress right now at LAX and will keep you updated with the investigation. 

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