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Two Possibilities.

I think we can all agree that there are two conclusions we can reach about Trump. Either A) he is the victim of unfair attacks by Dems, the media, the rest of the world and every former US president, or B) he has lied and committed crimes. If I grant you that a free and open investigation may conclude A, will you grant me that having seen 17 indictments to those around him, having seen him lie (“Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower.”), his stretching the truth (“we had the biggest turnout of any presidential inauguration”), his disrespect for others’ experience (“He’s not a war hero. A hero is someone who doesn’t get captured”), his appointing people to departments they don’t support or have experience in (Scott Pruitt, Stephen Mnunchin, Tom Price, Ben Carson) meeting with leaders without concessions he criticized other presidents for meeting with (Kim Jong-un)

that a free and open investigation may also conclude B?


Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Sometimes you know what you’ve got, and it goes away anyway

Simple Thought

You should be nicer to someone who loves you

Not because you love them back

But because you know how it feels to have your heart broken

In Honor Of Halloween, Here Are the 31 Best Halloween Moments from My Life In LA

The first time I met Caya Hefner at the Playboy Mansion 2012. It was a match made in Disney Heaven. RIP to the great Keith Hefner.



The night I met two of the best: Claudia and Leslie. The Britney costume was a sign of things to come.


The original crew. Wow this was a long time ago, but so much fun, even back in 2007!


On the way to Carnevil in 2009. The beginning of the hummer limo era. Yes my tradition of being Hugh Hefner goes back 10 years.


This year was one for the record books. We started at my old place and filled it to capacity with angels and cops and schoolgirls and goddesses and Daisy as an AMAZING Sally. We were gone by the time we made it to Payam’s house party in the hills.


More from 2009 house party. Mag and Ashlee looking angelic. Lisa showing off the booty.


This was the limo on the way up to Payam’s for Halloween 2009. Amanda can’t believe what she’s seeing.


Beautiful pictures at Payam’s House Party 2009 with Anna and Amanda and Nikki and Taryn. What a night. 


House party in 2010 and first year celebrating with my love Madison. <3


The Playboy Mansion 2010 with Athena, Lisa, and Madison. Madison was Frozen before Frozen was a thing!


More of a great night with Madison and Kim.


The night I met that sexy bee Karen.


The whole gang at the Playboy Mansion. Madison trying to steal my magnum of Goose. Bad Snow Princess, Bad!


Before the AV Halloween Party in 2011. Momentous night out with Allison, Jessica, Lily, and TEAL!


Halloween 2012. One of the rare Halloween costumes NOT Hef related. I was Ironman, with Madison, Gabby and Karen.


One of my favorite costumes, Madison is eggs over easy. Think about it.

2012-10-27-20-57-32 Sometimes just getting the costume is the funnest part with Caya.

Halloween house party with Elena


On our way to Halloween 2014 with Claudia, Leslie, Paige and Sophie.


The whole gang for 2014: Sophie, Leslie, Claudia, Paige, and me as Walter White.


At the Cabana with Sam, Kim and Frankenstein.


Such a great shot of us and the Mansion.

2013-1026-playboyhalloween076 On our way to Halloween Horror Nights in 2014 with Allie, Kim, Crystal, Casaundra, and Sophie.

These girls got a lot of Stairs at Halloween Horror Nights 2014


Another great moment from Halloween Horror Nights 2014


Last one I swear from Halloween Horror Nights 2014


Sometimes Halloween dress up is best at Disneyland 2015 with Joy, Chelsie, Ashley, Stefanie, Chloe, Marcella and April!


At the Mansion 2014 with Chloe and Chelsie


Red Rules at the Playboy Mansion 2014


My girls  at Playboy Halloween 2014 with Nundhia, Gabby, and Luna


The entire crew ready for flight to the Playboy Mansion 2014


Pumpkin Carving at its finest with Chloe Amour.


One last shot at the afterparty from Playboy Halloween 2014


The 2015 Halloween afterparty. The 2nd Annual Midnight Brunch was a success with Dee, Chloe, Marcella, Ashley, and Megan


Watch the hands! At Midnight Brunch 2015 With Natasha, Marissa, Chloe, Ashley, Allie and Jeni!

2015-10-25-02-56-34-1 2015-10-25-02-57-08 2015-10-25-02-58-22 2015-10-25-02-59-26-2 2015-10-25-03-10-55-1 2015-10-25-03-21-42 2015-10-25-03-28-06 2015-10-25-03-44-37 2015-10-25-03-45-00

At Halloween Horror Nights 2015 with the crew: Allie, Madison, Nicole, Stefanie, Chloe, and Natasha.

2015-10-25-19-12-24 2015-10-25-19-38-54 2015-10-25-19-46-53 2015-10-25-20-04-52 2015-10-25-20-08-32

St. Felix Pre and Afterparty with Sailor Moon and The Queen of HEarts


And Kitty Allie joined the party!

2015-10-29-22-58-27 2015-10-29-23-26-38-1 2015-10-29-23-27-02 2015-10-29-23-27-56 2015-10-29-23-30-01

Roxanne DJ-ing as a goddess.


The traditional onesie afterparty 2015

2015-10-30-02-14-29 2015-10-30-02-24-20 2015-10-30-02-24-27 2015-10-30-02-32-17 2015-10-30-02-38-40

Off to Halloween Horror Nights 2016 with Sammie, Allie, and Chloe.


The Whole Halloween Horror Nights Crew. Drinking at Saddle Ranch before the horror. Allie, Chloe, Sammie, Ali, Kelci


AND the finale: Midnight Brunch 2016 with…well EVERYONE!img_4689 img_4490
img_4806 img_4887 img_4905 img_4942 img_5019 img_5057img_5076img_5131img_5177img_5192img_5025

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