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In Honor Of Halloween, Here Are the 31 Best Halloween Moments from My Life In LA

The first time I met Caya Hefner at the Playboy Mansion 2012. It was a match made in Disney Heaven. RIP to the great Keith Hefner.



The night I met two of the best: Claudia and Leslie. The Britney costume was a sign of things to come.


The original crew. Wow this was a long time ago, but so much fun, even back in 2007!


On the way to Carnevil in 2009. The beginning of the hummer limo era. Yes my tradition of being Hugh Hefner goes back 10 years.


This year was one for the record books. We started at my old place and filled it to capacity with angels and cops and schoolgirls and goddesses and Daisy as an AMAZING Sally. We were gone by the time we made it to Payam’s house party in the hills.


More from 2009 house party. Mag and Ashlee looking angelic. Lisa showing off the booty.


This was the limo on the way up to Payam’s for Halloween 2009. Amanda can’t believe what she’s seeing.


Beautiful pictures at Payam’s House Party 2009 with Anna and Amanda and Nikki and Taryn. What a night. 


House party in 2010 and first year celebrating with my love Madison. <3


The Playboy Mansion 2010 with Athena, Lisa, and Madison. Madison was Frozen before Frozen was a thing!


More of a great night with Madison and Kim.


The night I met that sexy bee Karen.


The whole gang at the Playboy Mansion. Madison trying to steal my magnum of Goose. Bad Snow Princess, Bad!


Before the AV Halloween Party in 2011. Momentous night out with Allison, Jessica, Lily, and TEAL!


Halloween 2012. One of the rare Halloween costumes NOT Hef related. I was Ironman, with Madison, Gabby and Karen.


One of my favorite costumes, Madison is eggs over easy. Think about it.

2012-10-27-20-57-32 Sometimes just getting the costume is the funnest part with Caya.

Halloween house party with Elena


On our way to Halloween 2014 with Claudia, Leslie, Paige and Sophie.


The whole gang for 2014: Sophie, Leslie, Claudia, Paige, and me as Walter White.


At the Cabana with Sam, Kim and Frankenstein.


Such a great shot of us and the Mansion.

2013-1026-playboyhalloween076 On our way to Halloween Horror Nights in 2014 with Allie, Kim, Crystal, Casaundra, and Sophie.

These girls got a lot of Stairs at Halloween Horror Nights 2014


Another great moment from Halloween Horror Nights 2014


Last one I swear from Halloween Horror Nights 2014


Sometimes Halloween dress up is best at Disneyland 2015 with Joy, Chelsie, Ashley, Stefanie, Chloe, Marcella and April!


At the Mansion 2014 with Chloe and Chelsie


Red Rules at the Playboy Mansion 2014


My girls  at Playboy Halloween 2014 with Nundhia, Gabby, and Luna


The entire crew ready for flight to the Playboy Mansion 2014


Pumpkin Carving at its finest with Chloe Amour.


One last shot at the afterparty from Playboy Halloween 2014


The 2015 Halloween afterparty. The 2nd Annual Midnight Brunch was a success with Dee, Chloe, Marcella, Ashley, and Megan


Watch the hands! At Midnight Brunch 2015 With Natasha, Marissa, Chloe, Ashley, Allie and Jeni!

2015-10-25-02-56-34-1 2015-10-25-02-57-08 2015-10-25-02-58-22 2015-10-25-02-59-26-2 2015-10-25-03-10-55-1 2015-10-25-03-21-42 2015-10-25-03-28-06 2015-10-25-03-44-37 2015-10-25-03-45-00

At Halloween Horror Nights 2015 with the crew: Allie, Madison, Nicole, Stefanie, Chloe, and Natasha.

2015-10-25-19-12-24 2015-10-25-19-38-54 2015-10-25-19-46-53 2015-10-25-20-04-52 2015-10-25-20-08-32

St. Felix Pre and Afterparty with Sailor Moon and The Queen of HEarts


And Kitty Allie joined the party!

2015-10-29-22-58-27 2015-10-29-23-26-38-1 2015-10-29-23-27-02 2015-10-29-23-27-56 2015-10-29-23-30-01

Roxanne DJ-ing as a goddess.


The traditional onesie afterparty 2015

2015-10-30-02-14-29 2015-10-30-02-24-20 2015-10-30-02-24-27 2015-10-30-02-32-17 2015-10-30-02-38-40

Off to Halloween Horror Nights 2016 with Sammie, Allie, and Chloe.


The Whole Halloween Horror Nights Crew. Drinking at Saddle Ranch before the horror. Allie, Chloe, Sammie, Ali, Kelci


AND the finale: Midnight Brunch 2016 with…well EVERYONE!img_4689 img_4490
img_4806 img_4887 img_4905 img_4942 img_5019 img_5057img_5076img_5131img_5177img_5192img_5025



4:20 PM

Liberals are picking the wrong battles. 
Paying zero taxes because of corporate loopholes that the middle class doesn’t have is crappy, but no one pays more taxes than they legally have to. It smacks of the silence that echoed after conservatives have to Warren Buffett “You can always volunteer to pay more taxes than required.”

Shaming a Miss Universe contestant is awful behavior. But reasonable people can argue part of the job of a Miss Universe is to maintain a certain look. It seems reasonable though not necessarily PC to hire someone fit to work the front desk at a gym. It’s at least an argument that has two sides. 

Saying sexist things about a soap opera star in 2005 is no different than the sexist things he’s said since, and criticisms about it likely won’t sway anyone. 

There are two reasons that NO ONE should want to vote for Donald Trump:

1. Donald Trump is Incapable of Accepting Responsibility. 

Play along with this at home:

A) Have you ever made a mistake? In anything. In any way have you ever made the wrong choice?

B) If you answered no, you’re lying. There are no flawless human beings. If you answered yes, it’s because you are human. 

C) Has Donald trump EVER admitted to making a mistake or not winning anything? Bankruptcies he calls wins, losing in the polls he calls rigging, Twitter rants at 3am he calls the best temperament. He is fundamentally unable to admit to a mistake. And someone who can not admit to his mistakes is not mentally fit to hold any job much less the Presidency. Think about it. What’s the one question everyone asks when interviewing a job candidate? “What is your biggest flaw?” Donald Trump would be unable to answer and would not be hired whatever job he applied for. 

2. Consider Who Trump Counts Among His Supporters. 

If we start from the premise that the KKK is bad and Neo Nazis are evil, then by what logic can someone support a candidate who counts them as supporters? As recently as a week ago, David Duke stated that “Donald Trump says the things I’ve been saying for years.” On the other hand hundreds of Republicans and Conservative newspapers have risked the ire of their base and come out in support of Hillary Clinton. In fact for the first time in history, every single person alive that has held the position of president believes she is the most capable and only acceptable choice. And one more incredible statistic. NOT ONE of the 50 selling newspapers in the United States support Donald Trump. This is beyond “mainstream media” or “liberal bias.” Every person in a position to have some insight about the job of president understands that Hillary would do well and Trump would be a disaster. 

That’s it. Two points. Everything else is just more of the same. More racism, more sexism, more lack of intelligent thought. Liberals need to be careful not to be sidetracked by picky daily faux pas that Trump makes. They start making us seem picky. And there are places to pick at Hillary too. When we make these little jabs is when there is some equivalency. It’s on the two larger issues above that there is no comparison. 

I would mention only one other point to people who may not like Trump but think Hillary isn’t a great choice and consider a third party candidate:

3. Voting your Conscience Means Voting For Clinton. 

Ralph Nader resurrected the idea of a “feel good” vote in 2000. That what you should be most concerned about is that your vote makes you happy. The call “I have to vote my conscience” is very nice for those who likely will not be immediately affected by a Trump Presidency that is against LGBTQ rights, who doesn’t believe in global warming, against funding Planned Parenthood, cutting medicare and medicaid. But if you for a moment consider someone beyond yourself and your conscience and the 50 million who could lose their healthcare and their human rights to control their body and who they love, you realize that a vote for Johnson or Stein is a vote against your interest. You are passively voting for Trump, effectively drinking shots until your baby is aborted rather than actively seeking out an abortion. You have brought the country further away from justice, not closer to it. And you have to decide if your “conscience” of a protest vote is as valuable as your “conscience” at the suffering of millions and restriction of rights for millions more as a result of your vote.

Guantanimo Bay And This May Be A Coincidence, But…

Last week The White House announced that it would start taking letters to the President sent via Facebook. On a lark I shot something off. Thanking the President for being an adult in a nation full of bickering children, but centered my letter on one bothersome subject  that frustrates me: Guantanimo Bay. The fact that there are still prisoners accused of no crime living there after 13 years. In part, I wrote:

I did not expect a response, but only 5 days later I received this letter from The White House:

Maybe it was a boiler plate form letter but it still felt personal considering the note I had sent. 

But then only hours later I saw this news item:

Maybe it is an extreme coincidence. But I haven’t heard much about Guantanimo Bay in years, and with a furious election being fought, it does seem like unusual timing for the President to reopen this issue. 

Am I saying I single-handedly put this issue back on the map? Possibly. Do I think Barack and I are joining forces for justice on this issue? It’s likely. I will be monitoring speeches for mention of my name. Or perhaps Barack will just call it the “Obama-Schapiro Initiative.”

More as this story develops. 

Trump Campaign Explains Why  Polls Should Not Be Trusted, Nor Should Mitt Romney

With 88 days until the election, Liberals continue to point to polling that shows Trump losing ground in nearly every critical state he needs to succeed in. He and his surrogates point out that the polls don’t accurately reflect the numbers of his supporters, and remind people of the large crowds at his rallies as proof. They also point out that the polls are skewed towards Democrats, that their internal polling shows Trump winning, and that most polls don’t take into account the enthusiasm factor for Donald Trump. 
In case you think that this ignoring of polls and confidence in a victory is something new, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Let’s see what the Romney campaign was saying around this time in 2012 when polls showed him down (by about half of what they show Trump to be down right now):

Romney political director Rich Beeson said Tuesday the campaign was using its “trusted” internal data instead of independent outside polls. “The public polls are what they are,” Beeson said. “I feel confident about where we are.”

The “Enthusiasm Factor” for Romney is huge. Conservatives are focused, intense, motivated, and enthusiastic. Democrats turned out for Obama in record numbers in 2008. Today they are demoralized. A big edge goes to Romney on Election Day as conservatives, white voters, middle class voters and independents turn out in record numbers for Romney.

Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, told ABC News Wednesday he isn’t concerned about recent polls showing him behind President Barack Obama, saying, “at this early state, polls go up, polls go down.”

“If Romney was a middle-class man, or not incredibly wealthy, that would be a contributor to a greater degree of accessibility,” Mr. Kenoyer said in an interview at his office. Accusing the mainstream news media of favoring Mr. Obama

A senior Romney adviser downplayed the new pollsat a news briefing Friday morning, saying that they must be midsummer flukes because there had been no “precipitating event” to move the numbers so much. The campaign cited the latest Gallup tracking poll, which has the two candidates in a dead heat at 46-46 percent.

Rich Beeson, Romney’s political director, brushed aside the public polls of Ohio, telling reporters traveling with the candidate Tuesday that the campaign is making strategic decisions based on its internal surveys and research and remains confident about the outcome.

“Polls show Romney trailing badly in most of those states. But, as I’ve argued from day one, the polls are wrong. They are badly skewed towards Democrats. Quite simply they are over-polling Democratic voters and assuming a turnout that looks like 2008, when record numbers of Democrats came out for Obama.”

“in 2008 Obama overwhelmed McCain by out-spending him 10 to 1 down the stretch. That won’t happen in 2012. Romney is even, or can out-spend Obama, in the last 2 weeks of the election. That makes a huge difference in the outcome.”

“Christians will turn out in record numbers this year. Obama has offended Christians again and again. Last election 20 million evangelical Christians did not vote. They will turn out in record numbers in 2012 to defeat the most anti-Christian President in US history.”

“The news media is ignoring signs of mass revulsion towards President Obama. In the West Virginia Democrat primary, a felon got 40% of the vote versus Obama. In deep blue Massachusetts.”

“All of this is diversion from what the people of America care about. What they want to know is, who’s going to make their life better, who’s going to make sure we have more jobs, who’s going to make sure we have more take home pay, who’s going to keep America strong abroad?””

Mitt Romney

And keep in mind that Trump’s polling numbers are much worse than Romney’s was in 2012. In fact:

“n states more Republican-leaning than North Carolina was in 2012 (Georgia being the bluest state), and that had at least one poll available since November, Trump performed nearly 10 points worse than Romney in a weighted average of 17 GOP-dominated states.

Some of the most stunning numbers came from Utah, where Trump performed nearly 45 percentage points worse against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton than Romney did when he faced President Barack Obama in 2012.”

When polls are with Trump he seems to be the biggest fan of them. When they show him slipping away, they’re rigged. His supporters use all the excuses Romney did to explain away the abysmal polling numbers. They cling to this idea that because he draws crowds he must be doing well. A crowd at a rally is statistically insignificant. And the real explanation is that more Trump supporters are likely to have part time jobs or be unemployed and thus have more time to attend rallies. Car wrecks draw crowds too. Miley Cyrus fills stadiums. Neither of them will become president. Though both are more qualified than Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Proves Once And For All Which Candidate Is The Better Businessman

Evidence continues to surface about the Clinton family and Hillary in particular. From murders to buying people off to rigging the election system. Some people close their eyes to it but others see clearly. 

Unfortunately all these crimes have gone unprosecuted. But even more unfortunate is that they disprove the one thing Trump has going for him:

Hillary Clinton is the better businessman. 

Look at the lawyers and spokespeople and contractors and carpenters that have worked for Trump. They all take to social media and successfully win law suits of corruption and greed and underhandedness against him. 

But there are none that speak out against Hillary. The people that work with her all seem to have the same narrative: that she works for families and children and for fairness. 

That can mean only one thing. Hillary is better at buying off people, keeping them silent, holding politicians’ feet to the fire, making dissenters disappear and escaping any kind of legal persecution. In short, Hillary is the better businessman, and rides circles around Trump’s inability to keep even the slightest controversy from tarnishing his image. 

Think about it. According to all the reports, Hillary has had over 75 people killed, bought off Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, killed 4 soldiers in Benghazi, set up her own email server to undermine the country for Heaven’s sake! and no one can touch her. THAT is a businessman. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump currently has 169 law suits filed against him. Is that the kind of ineffectual businessman we want leading the country? Who can’t handle simple payoffs and bribes and blackmail to make these accusations go away like Hillary does almost every day?

Muslim parents, of all things, criticize  Trump, and he seems powerless and ineffective at defending himself. Hilary’s business acumen has left her 12 points ahead after both conventions. Trump still can’t get out from under Trump Steaks. Is that the kind of businessman you want? Given the choice wouldn’t you prefer someone who can beat hundreds of murder and crime raps against her? Some would call that criminal. But as Donald Trump has said, “that’s just powerful negotiation. It’s only a crime if you get caught and found guilty.” Hillary Clinton NEVER has
If she can do that right here at home can you imagine how well she will be able to handle the underhandedness of Putin? The lies of China? 

No matter what is thrown at her, she greases the right palms and makes deals behind closed doors and is quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. Usually by the Republican Party, the very party that accused her of the crime to begin with! Now THAT is handling business, and why all of the allegations thrown at her are just more proof of why we need her in the White House, not a businessman who is scared to release the one measure of a businessman’s success, his tax returns. 

One must conclude that Hillary is simply much better at dealing with these things. What other mass murderer in HISTORY has committed so many murders and made all evidence and witnesses disappear? What spy has undermined our nation so completely but got away with it with a delete key? What person has so been under public scrutiny for so many years but covered all her crimes up with common sense policies, health care for millions, and rights for the working class. Donald Trump is a lightweight. But if you really believe the insane things Hillary haters accuse her of, then you also must conclude that while Donald may qualify as a businessman, Hillary Clinton is a BOSS. 

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