4:20 PM

Liberals are picking the wrong battles. 
Paying zero taxes because of corporate loopholes that the middle class doesn’t have is crappy, but no one pays more taxes than they legally have to. It smacks of the silence that echoed after conservatives have to Warren Buffett “You can always volunteer to pay more taxes than required.”

Shaming a Miss Universe contestant is awful behavior. But reasonable people can argue part of the job of a Miss Universe is to maintain a certain look. It seems reasonable though not necessarily PC to hire someone fit to work the front desk at a gym. It’s at least an argument that has two sides. 

Saying sexist things about a soap opera star in 2005 is no different than the sexist things he’s said since, and criticisms about it likely won’t sway anyone. 

There are two reasons that NO ONE should want to vote for Donald Trump:

1. Donald Trump is Incapable of Accepting Responsibility. 

Play along with this at home:

A) Have you ever made a mistake? In anything. In any way have you ever made the wrong choice?

B) If you answered no, you’re lying. There are no flawless human beings. If you answered yes, it’s because you are human. 

C) Has Donald trump EVER admitted to making a mistake or not winning anything? Bankruptcies he calls wins, losing in the polls he calls rigging, Twitter rants at 3am he calls the best temperament. He is fundamentally unable to admit to a mistake. And someone who can not admit to his mistakes is not mentally fit to hold any job much less the Presidency. Think about it. What’s the one question everyone asks when interviewing a job candidate? “What is your biggest flaw?” Donald Trump would be unable to answer and would not be hired whatever job he applied for. 

2. Consider Who Trump Counts Among His Supporters. 

If we start from the premise that the KKK is bad and Neo Nazis are evil, then by what logic can someone support a candidate who counts them as supporters? As recently as a week ago, David Duke stated that “Donald Trump says the things I’ve been saying for years.” On the other hand hundreds of Republicans and Conservative newspapers have risked the ire of their base and come out in support of Hillary Clinton. In fact for the first time in history, every single person alive that has held the position of president believes she is the most capable and only acceptable choice. And one more incredible statistic. NOT ONE of the 50 selling newspapers in the United States support Donald Trump. This is beyond “mainstream media” or “liberal bias.” Every person in a position to have some insight about the job of president understands that Hillary would do well and Trump would be a disaster. 

That’s it. Two points. Everything else is just more of the same. More racism, more sexism, more lack of intelligent thought. Liberals need to be careful not to be sidetracked by picky daily faux pas that Trump makes. They start making us seem picky. And there are places to pick at Hillary too. When we make these little jabs is when there is some equivalency. It’s on the two larger issues above that there is no comparison. 

I would mention only one other point to people who may not like Trump but think Hillary isn’t a great choice and consider a third party candidate:

3. Voting your Conscience Means Voting For Clinton. 

Ralph Nader resurrected the idea of a “feel good” vote in 2000. That what you should be most concerned about is that your vote makes you happy. The call “I have to vote my conscience” is very nice for those who likely will not be immediately affected by a Trump Presidency that is against LGBTQ rights, who doesn’t believe in global warming, against funding Planned Parenthood, cutting medicare and medicaid. But if you for a moment consider someone beyond yourself and your conscience and the 50 million who could lose their healthcare and their human rights to control their body and who they love, you realize that a vote for Johnson or Stein is a vote against your interest. You are passively voting for Trump, effectively drinking shots until your baby is aborted rather than actively seeking out an abortion. You have brought the country further away from justice, not closer to it. And you have to decide if your “conscience” of a protest vote is as valuable as your “conscience” at the suffering of millions and restriction of rights for millions more as a result of your vote.