Evidence continues to surface about the Clinton family and Hillary in particular. From murders to buying people off to rigging the election system. Some people close their eyes to it but others see clearly. 

Unfortunately all these crimes have gone unprosecuted. But even more unfortunate is that they disprove the one thing Trump has going for him:

Hillary Clinton is the better businessman. 

Look at the lawyers and spokespeople and contractors and carpenters that have worked for Trump. They all take to social media and successfully win law suits of corruption and greed and underhandedness against him. 

But there are none that speak out against Hillary. The people that work with her all seem to have the same narrative: that she works for families and children and for fairness. 

That can mean only one thing. Hillary is better at buying off people, keeping them silent, holding politicians’ feet to the fire, making dissenters disappear and escaping any kind of legal persecution. In short, Hillary is the better businessman, and rides circles around Trump’s inability to keep even the slightest controversy from tarnishing his image. 

Think about it. According to all the reports, Hillary has had over 75 people killed, bought off Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, killed 4 soldiers in Benghazi, set up her own email server to undermine the country for Heaven’s sake! and no one can touch her. THAT is a businessman. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump currently has 169 law suits filed against him. Is that the kind of ineffectual businessman we want leading the country? Who can’t handle simple payoffs and bribes and blackmail to make these accusations go away like Hillary does almost every day?

Muslim parents, of all things, criticize  Trump, and he seems powerless and ineffective at defending himself. Hilary’s business acumen has left her 12 points ahead after both conventions. Trump still can’t get out from under Trump Steaks. Is that the kind of businessman you want? Given the choice wouldn’t you prefer someone who can beat hundreds of murder and crime raps against her? Some would call that criminal. But as Donald Trump has said, “that’s just powerful negotiation. It’s only a crime if you get caught and found guilty.” Hillary Clinton NEVER has
If she can do that right here at home can you imagine how well she will be able to handle the underhandedness of Putin? The lies of China? 

No matter what is thrown at her, she greases the right palms and makes deals behind closed doors and is quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. Usually by the Republican Party, the very party that accused her of the crime to begin with! Now THAT is handling business, and why all of the allegations thrown at her are just more proof of why we need her in the White House, not a businessman who is scared to release the one measure of a businessman’s success, his tax returns. 

One must conclude that Hillary is simply much better at dealing with these things. What other mass murderer in HISTORY has committed so many murders and made all evidence and witnesses disappear? What spy has undermined our nation so completely but got away with it with a delete key? What person has so been under public scrutiny for so many years but covered all her crimes up with common sense policies, health care for millions, and rights for the working class. Donald Trump is a lightweight. But if you really believe the insane things Hillary haters accuse her of, then you also must conclude that while Donald may qualify as a businessman, Hillary Clinton is a BOSS.