PartyVixen Allie

Name: Alie Craig

Height: 5′ 7″

Measurements: 34C-26-36


Alie Craig is an exciting up and coming model/actress, known in the LA scene since moving here on her own at 18. She was born in Richmond, VA, but has lived in New York and Florida and attended 5 different high schools. “I love that I got to move around so much as a child. It taught me more than any education could. It taught me about people and life lessons, how to take the good and the bad, and how to be a strong person.”

She learned the ropes of the industry while attending film school, but has been in love with acting and modeling since age 7. She is destined for stardom and to be an example for younger girls everywhere. In addition to photoshoots with Pacsun, Neff Headwear, and rapper Riff Raff, Alie recently completed the feature film “Misirlou” and the TV drama “Americana”. ”I feel like people are intimidated by me. Like they don’t want to ask for a picture or autograph because they think it will piss me off. But the truth is I love my fans.” She is always searching for the next film or music project to spark her creativity. As for her love life, she says, “I am in love with life and I am in love with the rocker of my heart.”

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